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Misfits Ape Society

Misfits Ape Society is a collection of 10,000 NFTs living in the Ethereum Blockchain and representing a society of people from around the globe who have trouble fitting into the status quo.

This collection allows its owners to harness the collective minds of the society and drive up your crypto profits with a members-only access to the investor club & other tangible benefits.

The Membership

Perks of Ownership

The Art & the IP
Access to your Art & the IP along with bragging rights. Use it the way you want - social profile pictures or print it on a canvas.
Membership to Investor Club
Members-only access to a club of savvy investors from around the globe discussing the next big bull run.
Profits from Investment Fund
We'll create a DAO that will use 50% of the royalties to invest in top NFT projects & crypto and any profits earned will be shared with owners.
$100k in Giveaways
We'll give out $2,000 every week for 50 weeks to 50 lucky owners of the NFT.
Access to Private Events
Get exclusive access to parties, clubs & networking events in the metaverse organized by the society & the partners.

The Art

Types of Misfits

There are 8 types of misfits identified by a symbol on their chin.

The Academic
This Ape is a scholar & loves to learn & identifies itself differently from friends.
The Social Butterfly
Loves to party and be around people. Often lifts up the room and has an amazing energy.
The Entrepreneur
The ambitious one who loves to take risks and succeed in his innovative endeavors.
The Homebody
Likes to chill at home in pyjamas and have fun watching TV, cooking, playing or reading.
The Wallflower
This Shy Ape is introvert but doesn't mind spending time with its best buddy.
The Trendsetter
This Ape has got style & swag and has people looking up to it for a statement.
The Free Spirit
This authentic & bold ape loves to live fearlessly without a worry in this world.
The Rebel
This ape often questions the status quo & fights for what is right.


The collection is made of 108 traits making some Misfits more rare than others, although each Misfit has its own unique story & personality.

Background: 15


Accessories: 15


Clothes: 19


Face Expression: 17


Fur: 16


Hats: 16


Type: 8


Wings: 1


Skin: 1


The Plan

Launch Plan & Price

Whitelist (Early April 2022)
500 NFTs
0.05 ETH
Early Bird (Mid-End April)
2500 NFTs
0.06 ETH
Go Public (Early May 2022)
6,900 NFTs
0.07 ETH
Reserved (Contests & Promoters)
100 NFTs

Road map

Sales Milestones

Apr 2022

Act 1.0 - Start

  • The misfit world starts with 2D apes.
  • Leave the mundane reality stop trying
  • to fit into the status quo & enter the colorful
  • and private network of Misfit Apes Society with over 10000+ 2D NFTs some more rare
  • than others and a few exceptionally
  • rare pieces.
Apr 2022

Act 2.0 - 25% Sales

  • We wrap our Phase 1 of sale with 2500 supply
  • at a special price. As the buzz grows so does the
  • value & we plan our next phases at
  • higher mint prices. We also pick 2 lucky winners and give them $1000 each.
May 2022

Act 3.0 - 50% Sales

  • Now begins your journey to profit-land. We launch
  • our members-only private investor club and bring
  • in crypto experts to share their insights for everybody to profit 100x on their crypto investments. We also give our members exclusive access to other NFT collections that are sure to blow up.
Jun 2022

Act 4.0 - 80% Sales

  • We launch our merchandize store and give our members access to some of the special tees
  • hoodies & caps. Show off your prized possessions not just digitally but in the real world to your friends.
Jun 2022

Act Infinity - SOLD OUT

  • We launch our DAO Investment fund and the community works together to decide the roadmap 2.0.
  • We bring in celebs and other big collabs to drive more eyes on the project and continue to raise the price. For all the holder-owners we see the future where everyone is treated equally and belongs
  • to this special community that stays with you through life. We call this Act Infinity thus every holder
  • of our Apes will have "infinity" perks and profits through access to private parties networking crypto insights big NFT collections & a lot more. 

The Community

Join Our Discord Community.

Get a chance to win cash rewards, free NFTs and other big giveaways every week. Also get first dibs on our whitelist.


The Driven Misfits

Misfits Ape Society was created by 3 misfit friends from different parts of the world to build a collection and a community that represents them and every misfit in the world.

Ocean Master

Ocean Master

The Entrepreneur

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

The Free Bird

Piggy Chops

Piggy Chops

The Social Butterfly


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